Due to my vast experience within elite sport, as well as my time served working with thousands of individuals with different ambitions, I have been able to travel the UK delivering keynote speeches and seminars on elements of the MAPPS including performance, mindset and leadership.

The demands on your company and the staff in it to gain new customers in an increasingly competitive world, as well as deliver exceptional results for the ones you already have, are greater than they have ever been.   Increased work loads, intense pressure, and the demands of your customers are higher than ever.  This takes it's toll with stress levels and sickness absence, and overall poor performance massively on the increase.

Your staff must be strong, focused, motivated, and equipped with the skills to not only deal with these demands, but to thrive and deliver greater levels of performance than that of your rivals.

I can help you and your company achieve this.

I have a straight talking, no nonsense approach and this has proved extremely popular with a variety of organisations from corporate companies to the police force.

Whether it is an annual conference, directors strategy session, sales kick off or team development day, the MAPPS coaching programme I have created will give you and your team a unique insight into the methods used for success by world class performers, the proven knowledge and tactics to achieve your potential, as well as thought provoking take home messages for each delegate who attends.

Most importantly, these sessions will increase productivity, and results.

Some Of The Topics Covered.

Seminar 1: The Lonely Walk

The walk to the combat arena for any fighter is the loneliest place in the world.

When they step onto that platform and begin their walk, they are completely alone.

It’s them vs their opponent.

Them vs the world.

They may be the underdog.

The crowd may not be on their side.

As they enter the coliseum they have adrenaline coursing through every inch of their body.

Excitement, fear, hopes and dreams are consuming their brain.

How does a fighter learn to control this?

Optimizing body and mind connection, to ensure that they perform when the time counts…

…because there may not be a second chance.

When they make that walk they can have no regrets.

It’s time to fight…

Having worked with and coached professional fighters (including 5 world champions) for over 10 years, Ric is perfectly placed to teach you the: skills, resilience, and mindset of a world class fighter.

Why is this relevant to you or your team…?

In life, at some stage, we all have to face our lonely walk.

One thing Ric is certain of is that all of us, when faced with times of difficulty we always revert to our training (or lack of training).

Are you resilient enough to deal with these times?

To deal with the stress, the fears and the difficult times that life will throw at you, whether that’s in the boardroom, the office, or on the playing field.

Or will you do what is now becoming more and more commonplace, and fold, hide, run or even avoid these situations all together?

The lonely walk is where Ric will teach you how fighters at the highest level can:

  • Perform under pressure in front of tens of thousands, and sometimes millions of people.
  • Make decisions despite often extreme fatigue.
  • Re programme their fears to enable success.
  • Use failure, to be their greatest weapon.

And most importantly, how you can implement these techniques in your life, to improve your performance.

What is the lonely walk in your life?

On this seminar, Ric will teach you not only to make your lonely walk, but to face it, embrace it, an to perform at your highest level when the time counts.

Seminar 2: Fundamentals of the MAPPS.

An introduction to the key principles of the MAPPS coaching programme.

These principles have been forged through years of working with world class performers, as well as endless study and application which led to me coaching and advising more than 5 world champions, as well as taking one of the UK's best young Tennis players to centre court of Wimbledon to compete against Andy Murray.

The MAPPS is a proven formula and during this seminar I will show the habits used by some of the worlds best performers to become winners in their chosen field.

How when applied this will transform your performance in key areas of your business such as your ability to increase profit, dominate your competition, crush potential stress and assert yourself with power and control in both the boardroom.

You will then be shown techniques for developing performance increases in your personal life and the relationships in it, as well as developing your own athletic performance capabilities to way beyond what you could ever imagine.

I will teach you why the internal language you use is crucial to both your thoughts and actions, as well as the importance of your emotions and how to recognise them. We will then explore the role that nutrition and physical performance play in your overall performance jigsaw.

Finally you will discover what I have termed ‘the deadline mindset’ (#deadlinemindset).

World class performers all have a deadline mindset, and so do you. This is your secret weapon and allows you to face the toughest situations head on.

You have all worked hour after hour when that exam was looming, or that piece of work needed to be submitted to your boss.  Or found inner strength that you never knew you were capable of. What would happen to your performance, and your results if you could repeat this level of productivity on a daily basis? Being able to access your own deadline mindset will send your productivity, and your overall performance to a whole new level.

I will show you how.

Are you ready to elevate the performance and results of you and your company?

**Ric can create a bespoke seminar based round the needs of your organisation.

Gareth Ainsworth

Director - The ANS Group

It was a pleasure to have Ric provide the keynote speech at our Sales Kick Off FY18. The keynote focused on the key principles for elite performance of sportsman and how this should transition into our every day lives and sales careers. Provided a great insight which everyone got amazing value from start to finish. Would highly recommend Ric to anyone wanting to get a team understanding key principles of performance. His knowledge is phenomenal and a great guy to be around.


Owner MI PA

At Mi PA we are continually working to create a high performing organisation and Ric was a natural choice to work with to bring the very best out of our team. Ric used a really engaging combination of interactive challenges, stories and questions to get my team thinking about performance and making the IMPOSSIBLE – POSSIBLE. Everyone loved it and you know its a good sign when everyone was talking about it for the next week in the office! I really look forward to working with Ric again and would recommend him to any company looking for an inspirational speaker.


Director - Project Solar UK

I work with Ric both on a personal one to one coaching level and as part of our corporate programmes. We are one of the UK's largest sales companies and the plan written is personal to my team and the organisation on every level, from the call centre to sales managers. We have seen a huge increase in team moral alone since they also joined the programme. The team are more aware of how their attitude, actions and emotions can directly affect work. This has increased production in every department. Ric’s programme is personal, professional and the delivery is exceptional. Personally, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and learning from the programme and I would recommend any organisation that is lucky enough to experience this opportunity to get involved.

Paul Shannon

CEO - ANS Group

Ric has added a tremendous amount of value to ANS and our Senior Leadership Team with his insightful and direct approach. I would highly recommend any engagement with Ric and his MAPPS methodology. Ric is a highly capable public speaker and captivated the ANS sales team with an informed presentation on how to apply the sports winning mentality to sales engagements. Ric is highly knowledgeable and extremely engaging, we would certainly engage him again in the future. It also helps that Ric is a really friendly and amenable guy that the audience really relate to.


Director - Michael Benjamin Associates

Ric is the Performance Coach for all of the team at Michael Benjamin. Since hiring his services in the last 3 months we have seen a 32% growth in sales profit for the quarter, and I firmly believe this is due to the coaching and mentoring Ric has given to the team. If you care about your colleagues, their performance and the company growth, I would highly recommend that you invest in Ric.