10 Ways To Level Up Your Life

10 Ways To Level Up Your Life

Gaining optimum performance in all areas of our life is surely a goal we are all trying to achieve?

Who doesn’t want to look better, feel better physically and mentally, perform better (in all areas!), have a stronger mindset, fantastic relationships, and a thriving career where they love what they do and earn lots of money?

To some of you these things may seem out of reach.  But I can assure you that they absolutely are not.

Each and every one of us has the capability to achieve whatever we desire from this thing called life.  It simply requires the right strategy, and a few basics done well.

I firmly believe that “knowledge is power”, and will assist you on the days you feel good, but will also be your greatest asset on the days you really don’t feel like it (we all have them).

With that in mind below are 10 ways which if followed, I am convinced will level up your performance, in all areas of your life.

Take Responsibility

No fitness training or personal development programme can solve your problems or provide you with a magic solution to change your life.  You must firstly accept where you are at.  Then you need to put some work in, a lot of hard work in fact.  Nothing in life comes easy.  You are required to take responsibility for your own life, progress and success.

That is something I must be absolutely clear on from the beginning.

Be Aware Of Your Environment

In order to achieve success you have to be aware of your environment.  There is a famous belief that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and I believe this is most definitely true.

When embarking on a new challenge or trying to perform tasks consistently and with utmost dedication, having positive support systems in place can be a significant aspect of what you’re trying to achieve.  Having people around you that can support you through your challenges can only increase your level of success.

On the other end of the scale, having people around you that try to sabotage your efforts (without them always realising they are) can be a real test of your courage, willpower and patience.

Lastly it can also put a real strain on your relationships with these people, which is never nice.

I personally don’t think that “opposites attract”.  My philosophy has always agreed that “people like people like themselves”.  Your partner has to support you in your journey.  For example, it may be tough to succeed if your partner is always drinking alcohol when you don’t want to and eating burgers in front of you when you are eating salad!  This is absolutely the same of your friends.

Be Patient

To many people try to “run before they can walk”.  Take care of your foundations as the priority.  This can take a little time, but once this is achieved, everything else will follow and fall into place much quicker and easier.  This will give you the platform to achieve the performance goals you have set, and then to go on to surpass them.

Do not cut corners or take short-cuts, because long term success and increased overall performance simply doesn’t work this way.  You must start right at the beginning and be patient. If you don’t build your house on strong foundations then you will pay the price, and it is usually a high price to pay.

Gain Mastery Of Yourself

You must become aware of, and gain control of your emotions.

Our emotions can influence our thoughts and our thoughts can influence our emotions.

If we can learn to understand how our emotions can be manipulated by our surroundings and day to day life then we can begin to understand how we can deal with them and not allow our emotions to create a barrier to any success.

How many of you have have that negative voice and limiting beliefs in your head?

Or have issues controlling your temper, finding yourself becoming angry at things that are often out of your control?

Incidents such as road rage or shouting at the TV when watching your favourite sports teams are classic exams of this.

The thoughts, visions and beliefs that are in your head, and the words you say to yourself each and every day directly affect your behaviour.  How you behave (actions) will directly affect the results you achieve.  These thoughts and self-talk, can either be your best friend, or your greatest enemy, the choice of which is yours.

Gaining mastery of yourself and of your mindset, is a key foundation of your future success.

“If you don’t learn how to control your thoughts, you will never control your behaviour” – Joyce Meyer

A Foundation Of Health

You must develop strong foundations by making yourself a priority.

You need to provide your body with the correct amount of nutrition to be able to thrive, knowing what to avoid and what is harmful to progress also plays a huge part in your success.  You need to be able to make the correct food choices every day, eating foods that provide a fuel to your body and mind and to your short and long term goals.

Doing this means you are taking care of your health and making it a key priority in your performance jigsaw.

Understanding nutrition is very important for you as the most powerful formula one car, fighter jet or space rocket cannot perform without the correct fuel inside it.

Bluntly, diets are a waste of time, you must understand and control the food that goes in your mouth. 

The physical effects on your body, the emotional effects it has on your mind, the way it controls your hormones and the role food plays in your thinking.  Once understood, this will help you master your food choices, especially when faced with temptation.

 “Take care of yourself first and foremost and everything else will follow”.

Be Prepared To Learn

You do not have to become a graduate in sports science or a nutrition expert, but you must understand the fundamental basics.  Why are you thinking the thoughts that are running through your mind, what muscles you are working during your exercise, and why you are working those muscles, what is healthy and unhealthy food and the effects this has on you is all learning that will help you on your journey.

This knowledge will also help you create and stick to ongoing daily habits – the true key to success in anything.

Build A Body For Purpose

We all want a body that looks good.  But this is useless if it does not perform correctly.  You must train like your body is your best weapon, because it is and someday (hopefully not) you might need it in order to survive a serious situation.

You must train like a successful athlete, and will develop your natural physical attributes such as speed, agility, power and flexibility, whilst also losing that unwanted body fat.

Human beings are designed to move.  We are designed to run (really fast), jump, push, pull and bend, and the main fundamental reason for this is so that we could hunt our food and therefore survive.  We are not designed to be sat in a chair, playing a games console, typing on a computer (like I currently am!) driving a car or with a mobile phone stuck between our ear and shoulder.

All of these mundane (and mostly seated) activities whilst being a part of everyday life are physically and mentally breaking us down. Due to our inactivity, we are becoming lower in confidence than ever before, more anxious and living our life’s in fear.  This is not the way it is supposed to be, and it has to change.

The old saying goes that ‘the definition of insanity is to do the same things and expect a different result’.  Therefore you have to get your body to do what it was designed to.

You need to go back to basics and move your body in an athletic manner.

Despite our perhaps financial status, a performing physique must be earned and cannot be bought.

Develop Resilience To Win

Life is tough.  You must develop the mental and physical strength to cope, and push forward.  Resilience however doesn’t solely mean being physically tough.  You must understand that:

There is no growth in comfort.

Sticking within your comfort zone is only going to lead you to a life of mediocrity. You know the things you’re scared of?  Write them down, go do them one by one. That conversation you are putting off having, face it up.

Be around people who challenge you, and will give you the truth.  As the old saying goes ‘the truth hurts’, but some pain and discomfort is good for you.

Your progress as an athlete, in business, or any area of your life is found by doing the things you really don’t want to do.

Have A Deadline Mindset ©

Everybody knows that person or multiple persons who talk a good game. Or the person, just like I was who was brilliant at making plans but never actually followed through with them.  This article, is absolutely useless unless you get off your arse and take action.

Action is better than thoughts, vibrations, hopes and dreams, every day of the week.  So instead of talking about it, get shit done, every single day.  You are only as good as the results that you post on the board.


Share this article, because its badass!!  But seriously, share these massages with others.  This will reinforce them in your mind and assist your progress.

So there you have it.

Focusing on these areas will allow you to achieve performance levels and success within your life that you previously may have thought was not possible.  You will develop newfound resilience when life throws those tough times upon you.  Most importantly you will finally fulfil your potential, and explode the results that you achieve.

So stop reading, and get on with it.


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