I created the Moylan Advanced Performance Principles (MAPPS) program based upon 20 years of working real life, in the trenches coaching absolute beginners and people on a budget, to world champion athletes and multi millionaire business owners.

The MAPPS has been further developed through my studies in strength & conditioning and sports science, my own training in martial arts and fitness, and learning from world class coaches including Professors, PHD’s, sports men and women, special forces soldiers, and a
martial arts hall of famer who owns 7 different black belts!

However to be completely honest, the MAPPS has also been founded on personal struggles:

There have been times when I have needed a stronger mindset, more confidence, courage, or conviction to make a decision. I have failed to react in crucial situations, or felt intimidated by situations that everyday life threw at me. There are also times when I have felt like my mood is low, and that my mental health is poor. That is what lead me to develop myself, and is the reason why I want to help you.

The MAPPS is founded on 6 core principles. These principles are universal to us all and if followed with relentless discipline will help you develop an unbreakable mind and body, allowing you to feel and perform better an all areas of your life than you ever thought possible.

Your starting point, before beginning one of the MAPPS programmes simply doesn’t matter.

Whether you are young, old, male, female, experienced athlete or complete beginner, the MAPPS programmes can be adapted to your current position, and has been specifically designed to suit the needs of each and every participant.

The MAPPS is a way of life, a physical, emotional and spiritual journey that is your opportunity to improve all elements. You will learn to embrace the journey and the process to level up your performance.

“The MAPPS is a code for you to live the rest of your life, and prepares you to become the best version of yourself, in order to deal with the worst case scenario”
– Ric Moylan.

Relentless Performance

Relentless Performance is an 8 week online coaching programme consisting of cutting edge training, nutrition and mindset techniques to take your performance to world class level.

This programme is for frustrated men and women who want:

  • To be inspired, and will take action.
  • Increased self confidence and self awareness.
  • A stronger, leaner, and more athletic body.
  • The ability to think faster and sharper.
  • To keep ice cool, making crucial decisions even when under extreme pressure.
  • Increased resilience and tolerance for extreme situations.
  • Drive, connection and to rediscover the fire in their belly.
  • To realize their true potential.

You will learn a straight forward zero BS approach.

You will overcome plateaus by continually stimulating and challenging your body and mind.

The methods used will make you a stronger person, helping you control your fears and to deal head on with any obstacles that life decides to confront you with. Your productivity at work will go through the roof, whilst enjoying your home life much more.

With the Relentless Performance programme, you will also receive:

  • 8 weeks online coaching with Ric.
  • Weekly group coaching with Ric.
  • The 6 MAPPS core modules.
  • The 100 page MAPPS ‘bible’.
  • Daily tasks and coaching sheets for your ongoing progression.
  • Training and nutrition plans for peak performance.
  • Access to the private MAPPS community Facebook group.
  • Accountability to get shit done and progress.
  • Bonus webinars.
  • Discounts on future programmes, seminars and conferences.

The Relentless Retreat

During this 4 day experience, you will be completely immersive and intensely coached by Ric and his team of coaches. Amongst the fast paced, distracted and crazy world we live in its not uncommon that you have ‘lost your way’ and are in need of steeping back, reevaluating where
you are at and giving yourself a much needed boost. These 4 days will do exactly that, and will turbo charge your future performance an all areas.

During these 4 days you will:

Work directly, face to face with me, and key world class coaches from my team.

Become physically and mentally stronger than you ever thought possible.

Pushed hard and coached on your values, personal philosophies, health, fitness, business and your relationships.

Develop strategies to destroy fear and self doubt.

Learn the MAPPS ‘primer’ to ensure you smash each day.

Create an action plan (a mapp) for your future success.

Develop unbreakable skills to move you forward every day.

Have the support and accountability from Ric, his coaches, and your fellow brothers and sisters on the programme.

What will we get up to?

After waking up nice and early each day (but not too early!) our days will be spent in a warm location with sun on your skin, exploring and delving deep into the MAPPS 6 core principles, learning how and why they are so important to you, and how you integrate them into your life.

You will self-reflect, think and be coached by Ric on all areas of the MAPPS philosophy, and then together you will create your action plan to move forwards.

You will also get involved in:-

Fight training – a cornerstone of being relentless. You might not want to get hit, but you will get yourself fight fit, and learn not to be scared.

Optimizing physical performance – you will train every day, discovering inner strength and accessing physical capability that you never knew you had. As the saying goes – there is no growth in comfort.

Challenges – without tangible evidence, how can we assess your progress?

Personal Growth – you will evaluate and document your journey with Ric. You will have steps to take, tasks to complete, as well as learn to focus on your key wins.

Nutrition – you will eat great food. More importantly we will eat together and bond as a group. Interaction is a dying art due to the rise of the computer screen and this in life, is a big mistake. People have become isolated and lost. We will rediscover the power of human interaction – something we are designed for, and need.

Learning – “Only the educated are free” – Epictetus. You must understand why you are doing the things Ric teaches you, in order to develop discipline (habits), and achieve relentless performance.

Relaxing – because we all need time to turn off and step back. You will have a lot to take in, and sometimes less is more.


During the 4 days, we will focus on the principle of reverse engineering: becoming crystal clear on where you want to be this time next year, and what ACTION you must take in order to achieve what you say you will.

This isn’t some waste of time (they generaly are) goal setting session, where you write down a load of rubbish that you will never take action on
or achieve. You will create a clear action plan (MAPP) of steps to take that will get you where you need to be.

Your fellow friends on the experience, along with Ric will keep you accountable after you leave to ensure you do what you say you’re going to do. As this is not just 4 days, this is the beginning of your future journey to success and happiness.

Finally, this experience is not about being in competition with others, but instead rediscovering the ancient human strength and power of working together. It’s about figuring out friendship, networking and human bonding, and being the best person that you can be.


The Ric Moylan Mentorship provides fitness professionals with an exclusive opportunity to learn how to be an elite level coach, whilst gaining knowledge of the elements required to piece together a robust, professional, and lucrative fitness business.

You are challenged to quit settling for mediocrity in your career and transform yourself and your business into a highly respected and sought after force within the fitness industry.

This face to face mentorship is designed to teach excellence and build outstanding coaches at every level. You do not have to prove you’re an outstanding coach to participate, but you certainly have to have the desire to become one.

This mentorship starts you at the very beginning, focusing on laying the foundations to make you a great coach.

From this point you will be journeyed through the life of a elite coach and trainer, all the way to the pinnacle of the industry – learning what it takes to make each giant step with confidence and a boldness that leaves your competition way behind.

Discover Ric’s tough, ‘real life’ and no nonsense blueprint to becoming an elite level coach, and having a robust high performing business.

Mentorship Topics

Performance Foundation:

Creation of your unique personal and business philosophy.

Real Time Coaching:

Develop the key skills needed to be an effective coach?

Advancing Knowledge:

Develop an area of expertise, and learn from your own experiences in real time.

Real Life Programme Design:

You will learn how to programme a range of clients from busy parents, business owners and directors, to elite athletes who have multiple coaches and media commitments.

Realistic And Measurable Goal Setting:

Identifying your business direction, then developing the key strategies that are needed to create and smash your targets.

Business Planning:

Financial targets and budgets, and forecast for growth month on month.


Your core ethos and messages. Your sales and marketing systems and funnels both online and offline.

Business Growth:

Take your business past ‘the hourly rate’, and creating a real business rather than simply an average paid job.


Brutal and honest feedback to progress you and your business.


You will be accountable to 3 people:

  • Yourself
  • Your mentor
  • Your fellow group members.

This ensures that you will get your shit done, without any excuses.


All of the programmes with Ric Moylan are face to face, and offer the benefits below:

  • Monthly coaching seminars and masterminds with Ric and his 15 years experience within the health and fitness industry.
  • World class guest speakers from the fields of professional sport, physiotherapy, psychology, business and many more.
  • Access to Ric’s stable of professional athletes, business suppliers and industry contacts.
  • Membership to the private members forum, including feedback on all things related to your coaching business.
  • Webinars by Ric and his team of mentors.
  • All of the training, nutrition and business eBooks Ric has designed and written.
  • Tried and tested business, sales and marketing plans, strategies and templates.
  • Access in person, via phone and by email to Ric and his team of mentors to assist you with your business, including emergency business support.
  • Discounts on every seminar Ric teaches throughout the year.
  • Discounts to all services and products from select business friends of Ric Moylan Mentoring.


Each Ric Moylan Mentorship programme is 12 months duration, and completion of the time you spend with Ric developing both yourself and your career cannot be achieved any sooner.

You will be expected to financially commit to the programme. If you want to ‘shadow’ Ric for free then this is not the place for you.  Your future success is determined by your personal development, and investing in yourself is part of that process.  You will be expected to commit to the full syllabus, and attend the mastermind days on the agreed dates.

But please be clear… Ric will not do the work for you or hold your hand. You are required to work hard, because Ric will not tell you what you want to hear.  If you decide to leave the mentorship before completion you will not be allowed to re enter at a later date (personal circumstances are considered to allow re-entry).  If you are not of this character then this mentorship is not for you, and you need not apply.

If you think that you fit the bill, then complete the application form. Tell Ric as much information as possible.  Ric wants to know your current experience, your income, and most importantly your level of ambition.  What is it you want to do with your career in the future?

This mentorship is for the strong, the leader, the battlers, the warriors.  It is for those of you who know they can achieve more, those who want to make a difference and leave behind a legacy.

If this is you – Ric wants to work with you.