The Place Where Real Lessons Are Learned


It’s a tough time to be a football fan in the Moylan household at the minute. After 20 years of success the team I love is most certainly in a transitional phase.

The current manager, Louis Van Gaal entered the club with a very public statement about what is known as his ‘philosophy’ on winning football matches. This hasn’t really gone to plan, with results being a mixed bag of wins and losses.

Recently it’s been a little bit the same for me if I’m honest. These last few days I’ve been in a little bit ‘of a funk’.

You see, we do not have the best facilities in the world at my private studio in Manchester. The gym is not all glitz, glamour, people taking selfies and ‘hitting the grind’ etc. I really don’t want to get started with my thoughts on all of that, but what I will simply say is that it’s not what I am about.

What I am about, and what we do have when you enter the door, like Van Gaal, is a training, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle philosophy.

This philosophy has given me fantastic success during my 15 years as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning and performance coach.

World class athletes who I have worked with past and present such as Ricky Hatton, Scott Quigg, Anthony Crolla, and Tony Bellew have either won, or are challenging for world titles.

Liam Broady made the jump from junior tennis star, to qualifying, and then winning a match at Wimbledon.

Nina Ross winning title after title and becoming the number 1 female stage competitor in Europe.

The phenomenal Kilroe Tug Of War winning ANOTHER world title.

This is additional to the numerous other titles, matches, races and awards that athletes I have worked with have claimed over the last few years. Add to this the success of 500+ of our clients who have transformed their lives using the Stand Out programme, and its safe to say I am happy with the results that have been achieved.

But more recently things haven’t gone to plan, and some results haven’t gone the way that I want.

I have been involved in 2 high profile world title contests and both of them have ended in defeat.

A couple of the other athletes I work with are having a tough time with indifferent results.

There is no doubt that it has been a testing time, and times like this that can either make or break everything that you do. Those philosophies, that have been tried and tested are all of a sudden under the microscope.

But here is the thing….

Defeat is a good thing!

Whether it’s in business, sport, or your personal life you should be learning each and every day. But how many of us really debrief and scrutinize these areas during times of success? We should be, but many of us are too busy riding along the wave, and enjoying the fruits of our labour. And quite rightly so.

But defeat changes that. Defeat forces you to take a hard look at everything you do, and learn from it. Defeat forces you to focus on the truth. Defeat shows who really cares, and who doesn’t, and many other things.

Now of course this is painful, but I totally believe the school of thought that “there is no growth in comfort”, and this pain is where the true lessons are found! You have to face these lessons, learn from them, and then have the balls to implement what is needed and go again.

So what is the philosophy?

Having a strong mindset is the foundation of everything that is done in my gym (supported by addressing their health of course). I push our clients hard mentally as well as physically in order to make the changes that they need to make. But I am also pushing myself and my fellow coaches equally as hard. Because even though more and more knowledge is available regarding training and nutrition than ever before, I remain convinced that your mindset is the most important factor.

Of course we have analyzed and made improvements to the training and nutrition. We have learnt some lessons and are trialing new methods constantly. These methods have brought a first taste of success for our young athlete Sam Hyde. Trained by one of my coaches Nathan Cockcroft, Sam recently won the International Cruiserweight Challenge Belt, after defeating Latvian Rolandas Cesna in Manchester.

There are many glory days ahead for Sam and the rest of the team. I’m sure that there may be a few bumpy roads as well. But we will continue to learn and get better from victory and defeat. We will continue to push and develop the mindset of ourselves and the people we will work with and coach.   You must also do the same, and I’m certain that learning from defeat, will ultimately lead you to success.

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