Sports science is forever changing and new training and preparation methods appear weekly. Athletes are getting fitter, faster and stronger and performance conditioning is now playing a major part in professional sport.

How do you know if you are ahead of the curve? Or if you’re behind schedule?

You could be going into the biggest competition of your life under-prepared and under-trained – or perhaps even worse, over-trained. Without the relevant training, testing and monitoring you simply have no idea where your training and performance level lies, and at the highest level within your sport this is a huge mistake.

I work with some of the best elite athletes around to help them overcome these potential problems and provide the answers that give them the confidence they need to go on to succeed and become champions in their sport.

Ric Moylan and Scott Quigg with title belt.
Nina Ross modeling pose on one knee.
Ricky Hatton in boxing pose.
Ric Moylan measuring Ryan Burnett Body Composition.
Liam Broady swinging tennis racket.
Ric Moylan Tony Bellew

I am proud to have helped the guys below, at various stages of their career.

Scott Quigg.

Ric has been the strength and conditioning, and performance coach to Scott for the past 8 years. Seen by many as one of the best boxers in the world, Scott Quigg recognises the role of having the right team around him. Ric has been alongside Scott for over 20 fights and the relationship they have has from strength to strength. Ric has devised a bespoke training and nutrition plan for Scott which has seen him simply overwhelm opponents placed in front of him.

Ricky Hatton MBE.

In many peoples opinion, 2 x World Champion Ricky Hatton is the best boxer the UK has ever produced. He is certainly the most popular. Helping Ricky Hatton for his comeback fight, and advising Hatton Promotions for over 4 years was a fantastic chapter of my career.

Liam Broady.

Ric has witnessed the progress and growth of Liam Broady since first watching him play at the age of 8 years old. Although a large part of Liam’s year is spent on tour Ric is responsible for the overall performance needs of Liam, as well as his training whenever he is in the UK. Although Liam is blessed with natural athletic ability, Ric is fine tuning this through a unique programme of strength, power, speed, reaction and combat training.

Naomi Broady (2007 - 2011)

Naomi Broady is the other half of ‘Team Broady’ who along with brother Liam are making huge progress in British Tennis. After winning the under 18 UK title Naomi is now ranked no 5 in Britain amongst the women. Although she is often in various countries around the world Naomi will regularly seek me out for strength, power and speed training in between her participation on the world tour.

Kilroe Tug of War (2012)

After a first defeat in ten years I was given the task of returning Kilroe to their former glory by looking after their strength and conditioning and nutrition. The following season, after 4 months of hard work, Kilroe regained their place as UK Tug of War champions.

Nina Ross.

Nina Ross is an IFPA Pro Athlete and in 2011 became both the BNBF and NPA Champion. The following year Nina became the UKBFF Champion for 2012. Having been chosen to compete at the Arnold Classic in Feb 2013, Nina recruited me to coach her to the next level, and has since progressed to many more global honours.

Anthony Crolla (2008 - 2011)

After a surprise defeat early in his career me and Anthony began working together with the aim of improving Anthony’s strength and power. Anthony has since gone on to become English Super Featherweight Champion, British and< WBA World Lightweight Champion, whilst also fighting in Las Vegas on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Tony Bellew (2008 - 2010)

Tony Bellew was one of the first boxers who I assisted with strength and conditioning and weight management.  Tony has gone on to become the British, Commonwealth and WBC World Champion.

Ryan Burnett (2011 - 2013)

Ryan is the golden boy and rising star of Irish boxing. After winning the multi nations championships, achieving silver at the junior world championships, Ryan went one better winning a gold medal at the junior Olympics. Aged just 19 Ryan signed for Team Hatton and was trained by Ricky Hatton personally. I was asked to look after all other aspects of strength and conditioning, performance and nutrition for Ryan, who has since become British Champion, and is tipped for world honours.