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Will You Write Me A Diet Plan?


It’s a question I get asked a lot.

But the answer is always no.

The main reason is that I don’t believe a diet plan on it’s own, even a tailored one, actually works.

To make long lasting change you have to change habits, and peoples emotion to food.

But I’ve also got to be honest.

It isn’t financially viable for me either.

You see a diet plan takes up quite a bit of time to truly tailor.

For me approx. 3 hours.

That’s without reviewing the client’s food diary.

And any research that’s required.

And whilst I know I’m not the fastest at my typing, all in all it probably takes me 5 hours to create a good quality diet plan that I’m happy to send out.

But then the texts and emails start.

Can I eat this food Ric?

Can I have 5 pieces of Broccoli or 6!

Even on a Saturday night when I’m trying to enjoy some family time.

I’m not afraid to admit that it started to get on my tits!

Hence why I stopped doing them.

But the biggest problem for me was that I wasn’t getting paid for my time.

And it’s something that I hear from Personal Trainers an awful lot.

They spend hours writing their clients badass training routines, as well as these amazing nutrition plans, sat at home in their personal time.

Yet they only charge their clients for the actual session!

It seems there is a culture that Personal Trainers should spend hours doing research, and writing plans, yet are not charging for that time…

Now this doesn’t sound like a viable business to me.

The worst part is that these Personal Trainers are telling themselves that they are ok with it, because ‘they want to help people’.

Who is helping them?

These Personal Trainers are struggling.

And not happy with their income.

But most of all are resentful towards their job.

They want to quit.

Which kills me to see.

A wise man once told me that ‘a poor man works for free’.

Now my solicitor helps me.

So does my accountant.

And they are cool guys.

But they charge me for their services.

They charge me for a result, or an outcome.

And shit man! – they charge me good!

But I want the best, and for the best you have to pay the best prices.

Because as another wise man once told me, “cheapest and best can never go together”.

So Personal Trainers need to decide whether they want to be the cheapest or the best.

If you want to be the cheapest around then I’m cool with that. Simply go for volume, and get as many people through your doors as you can.

But if you want to be the best:

– Self develop week in and week out.

– Attend courses in your specialist areas.

– Get a mentor who has been there and done it.

– Create packages instead of charging by the hour or per session.

– Create a premium product.

– Learn marketing and sales.

– Charge a rate that reflects your knowledge, effort and quality.

– Network and speak to people.

– Be confident with your ability.

– And your fees.

– Be the most expensive in your town.

– Never offer free sessions or discounts.

– And most of all remember, that to help people you have to help yourself!

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