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The Tools You Need To Achieve Your True Potential


I created the MAPPS training system based upon my personal experiences of what has and hasn’t worked well in my own training and everyday life, combined  with over 12 years and 10,000+ coaching sessions working as a performance coach and trainer with some of the best athletes in the world, including 4 world champions who’s behavior, mindset and actions have influenced me greatly.

Further influence and learnings have been taken from a variety of coaches I have worked with, my years of ongoing study, as well as eastern principles and teachings from things such as martial arts and yoga.  This makes the MAPPS a blend of western sports science meeting eastern legend!

The philosophy for the program however as stated earlier, is a simple one.

The MAPPS is based first and foremost on achieving a strong and healthy mindset.

Whilst being called “Moylan Athletic Performance Principles”, this name also doubles up as:

“Mindset, Athletic Performance Principles”

The reasons for this are also simple:

There have been times when I have needed a stronger mindset, more confidence, courage, or conviction to make a decision.  I have failed to react in crucial situations, or felt intimidated by situations that everyday life threw at me.  There are also times when I have felt like my mood is low, and that my mental health is poor.  I have been lucky, because I have had fantastic people to support me, and people to teach me the keys to developing a stronger mind.  More and more people I meet are suffering with a lack of self confidence, low moods or even depression, and I am convinced that this is because of the way we are living our life.  I am more convinced that medication is not the answer, and the MAPPS aims to build a stronger and healthier mindset for everybody, to improve your confidence, self esteem, to react in the right manner when needed (yet remain controlled), to give you the confidence to make a decision even when under pressure, and to improve your long term mental health.

I honestly believe a strong mindset is the foundation and the key to improved performance in everything.  With the MAPPS you will develop an unbreakable mind, which will allow you to feel and perform better than you ever thought possible, in all areas of your life.

So How Do I Begin?

Is probably the question that’s running through your mind right now.  In order to start your MAPPS journey and develop a strong mindset you must understand that your health is the absolute priority.

Achieving a position of optimum health is not a difficult thing to do. However good health requires you to do the right things each and every day.

It requires a lot of consistency, and a little bit of patience!

Too many people try to “run before they can walk” and this is a mistake.  When we consistently address our health as the number 1 priority we create a fully functioning and responsive mind and body.  Once this is achieved, everything else will follow and fall into place much quicker and easier.  This will give us the foundations to achieve the goals we set ourselves, and then to go on to surpass them.

Without realizing it, right now many of you will have a damaged metabolism, increased fat gain in the wrong areas, nutrition deficiencies, chronic illness and inflammation, wrecked hormonal balance and more, all of which increases the stress your mind and body is under, and is what leads to things such as depression and long term illness.

With the MAPPS, there is no cutting corners, no short-cuts, no fad-diets or trendy exercise routines, because long term success and increased overall performance simply doesn’t work this way.  We have to start right at the beginning and play to mother nature’s rules. If we don’t we will pay the price and it is usually a high price to pay.

Human beings are designed to move.  We are designed to run (really fast), jump, push, pull and bend, fundamentally so that we could hunt our food and therefore survive.  We are not designed to be sat in a chair, playing a games console, typing on a computer (like I currently am!) driving a car or with a mobile phone stuck between our ear and shoulder.

All of these daily activities whilst being a part of everyday life are physically and mentally breaking us down.  In spite of our financial status, and what some people may believe we are all living a comfortable life.  The human race is globally becoming less active.  Diabetes, chronic illness and obesity are all rapidly increasing.  Lower back pain and Inflammation are all on the rise, but perhaps and worst of all, more and more people are in a state of depression.

Due to our inactivity, we are becoming lower in confidence than ever before, more anxious and living our lives in fear.  This is not the way to live your life, and it has to change.

The old saying goes that ‘the definition of insanity is to do the same things and expect a different result’.  Therefore you have to get your body to do what it was designed to.  You need to go back to basics with your food, relax your mind, and move your body in an athletic manner.

These athletic principles are based on:

Strength – The cornerstone of physical development.

Power – To be explosive in attack or defence.

Speed – of body and of thought.

Stamina – As we were designed to run.  For benefit is to our heart and lungs, but mostly for our thoughts.

Balance – To control our body so it does as we ask.

Flexibility – A mobile and agile body is a pain free body, and our greatest asset.

Combat training – and the increased sovereignty this brings.

Where you are currently positioned before beginning the MAPPS simply doesn’t matter.  Whether you are young, old, male, female, experienced athlete or complete beginner, the MAPPS can be adapted to your current position, and has been specifically designed to suit the needs of each and every participant.

The MAPPS, will change your life and if you are ready, then so am I.


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