You are challenged to quit settling for mediocrity in your career and transform yourself and your business into a highly respected and sought after force within the fitness industry.

This face to face mentorship is designed to teach excellence and build outstanding coaches at every level. You do not have to prove you’re an outstanding coach to participate, but you certainly have to have the desire to become one.

This mentorship starts you at the very beginning, focusing on laying the foundations to make you a great coach.

From this point you will be journeyed through the life of a elite coach and trainer, all the way to the pinnacle of the industry – learning what it takes to make each giant step with confidence and a boldness that leaves your competition way behind.

Discover Ric’s tough, ‘real life’ and no nonsense blueprint to becoming an elite level coach, and having a robust high performing business.

Ric Moylan group photo with mentoring students.



You will create your unique fitness and business philosophy.

What is the message you want to share?

Does this align with your passion?

Does this align with the needs of your target clients?

Once this philosophy is created, do you have the business systems to allow your business to progress?

Is the most important foundation in place? – YOU!

You must have or develop the mindset of a legit coach who has either served their time, or are on the journey of becoming time served. Is your philosophy science based and credible, and are you the type of person who constantly wants to learn?

Lastly you don’t need to be vanilla, or boring as hell as a coach. But you must understand and have the fundamental mindset of respect and professionalism at all times. You must want to build your reputation, and do everything in order to protect it.


What personality traits are required for success? Understanding what it takes to become a coach who produces results, rather than a vanilla science geek who lacks understanding, empathy and the ability to communicate effectively.

As a coach and the leader to your tribe can you be assertive and deliver your message with confidence? Can you make the correct decisions for your clients and do so with the trust and honesty that they both want and need.

Do you have the desire and the work ethic to become an authority in your chosen field, and are prepared to work both hard and smart to do what needs to be done.

Can you motivate not only your clients, but also yourself?


What are the key skills needed to be an effective coach?

Does your coaching actually align with your philosophy?

What are the technical skills, techniques and theories needed to be effective, and achieve outstanding results that will make you the ‘go to’ coach in your field?

During the program, you will be coaching in real time. You will deliver training sessions and presentations to your fellow members within the group and be given immediate and detailed feedback. You will have to answer questions based on your rationale: i.e. what you are doing and why.


Where to look to improve your knowledge, and how you then apply that knowledge to improve weekend warriors right through to world class performers.

Developing an area of expertise, and also learning from your own experiences in real time.


Why 90% of your programme design is useless unless it is utilised in the correct time and manner.

Does the theory that you have been taught really work in the real world?

What if a client is unable to perform a certain exercise, or simply does not want to?

You will learn how to programme a range of clients from busy parents, business owners and directors, to elite athletes who have multiple coaches and media commitments. These people are often time critical and stressed. Perhaps more importantly they are often older than you with more life experience, more successful, wealthier and better at a sport than you are. You will learn the correct way to develop these people, getting the best out of them without pissing them off!


No stupid ‘vision boards’ or rubbish motivational tips.  Identifying your business direction, then developing the key strategies that are needed to create and smash your targets for success, however that looks for you.


Developing a simple yet effective business plan. Financial targets and budgets, and forecast for growth month on month.


Your business brand and core ethos and messages. Your sales and marketing systems and funnels both online and offline.


Building a strong and robust business and ensuring your business growth.

Taking your business past ‘the hourly rate’, and creating a real business rather than simply an average paid job.

How to really grow your business and control it, including who and when to employ staff, so that your business doesn’t control you.


Brutal feedback to progress you and your business. The feedback is always objective and never personal. The aim of your mentorship is to ensure progression and sometimes the truth can hurt. You will need to have a thick skin, and be able to take and implement constructive criticism.

Progress is usually down to the skill or the will of an individual. This mentorship will develop and enhance your skill. However it will do nothing for your will.

As Yoda said, “do or do not, there is no try”.

If you do not do the work, your time on the mentorship will come to an end.


You will be set (by yourself) accountability tasks that you have to complete in between each session to support your ongoing development and ensure there is nowhere to hide.

You will be accountable to 3 people:

1. Yourself.

2. Your mentor.

3. Your fellow group members.

This ensures that you will get your shit done, without any excuses.

Ric Moylan watching his students present during the mentoring day.


Level 1

This programme is ideal for new trainers, coaches and practitioners as it starts you from the very beginning, focusing on laying the foundations to make you a great coach, whilst gaining knowledge of the elements required to piece together a robust, professional, and lucrative fitness business.

In order for you to make the progress required, you must commit to the full 12 programme. Upon completion of the level 1 programme, your time on the mentorship program can come to an end or with agreement from Ric, you can progress to level 2 (your progression to level 2 may also be accelerated upon agreement of both parties).

Level 2

The level 2 programme is for trainers and coaches who already have a client base and are looking for the next step. Level 2 is designed to take you all the way to the pinnacle of the industry.

You have to want to be the best in your field, and have the desire to push forward and stand out from the masses.  The level 2 programme will see you enter ‘The Boardroom’ where feedback is brutal and excuses are not accepted.  The Boardroom however is a place where high levels of progression are achieved.

Like level 1, this is a 12 month programme and you must commit to the full duration.

Level 3

The level 3 programme is an extremely intensive programme, designed to completely overview your already existing business. Entry to this programme is only available by completion of Level 1 and 2, as well as a number of pre requisites have to be met for you to attend this.

Most importantly, all mentorship programmes are only available by application, and subsequent acceptance.  The Ric Moylan Mentorship is not for everybody.  You must demonstrate you have what it takes to fully commit to your success.

Ric in small mentoring group for elite members only.


All of the programmes with Ric Moylan are face to face, and offer the benefits below:

    • Monthly coaching seminars and masterminds with Ric and his 15 years experience within the health and fitness industry.
    • World class guest speakers from the fields of professional sport, physiotherapy, psychology, business and many more.
    • Access to Ric’s stable of professional athletes, business suppliers and industry contacts.
    • Membership to the private members forum, including feedback on all things related to your coaching business.
    • Weekly webinars by Ric and his team of mentors.
    • All of the training, nutrition and business eBooks Ric has designed and written.
Tried and tested business, sales and marketing plans, strategies and templates.
    • Access in person, via phone and by email to Ric and his team of mentors to assist you with your business, including emergency business support.
    • Discounts on every seminar Ric teaches throughout the year.
    • Discounts to all services and products from select business friends of Ric Moylan Mentoring.


Each Ric Moylan Mentorship programme is 12 months duration, and completion of the time you spend with Ric developing both yourself and your career cannot be achieved any sooner.

You will be expected to financially commit to the programme. If you want to ‘shadow’ Ric for free then this is not the place for you.  Your future success is determined by your personal development, and investing in yourself is part of that process. You will be expected to commit to the full syllabus, and attend the mastermind days on the agreed dates.

But please be clear… Ric will not do the work for you or hold your hand. You are required to work hard, because Ric will not tell you what you want to hear. If you decide to leave the mentorship before completion you will not be allowed to re enter at a later date (personal circumstances are considered to allow re-entry). If you are not of this character then this mentorship is not for you, and you need not apply.

If you think that you fit the bill, then complete the form below.  Tell Ric as much information as possible.  Ric wants to know your current experience, your income, and most importantly your level of ambition.  What is it you want to do with your career in the future?

This mentorship is for the strong, the leader, the battlers, the warriors. It is for those of you who know they can achieve more, those who want to make a difference and leave behind a legacy.

If this is you – Ric wants to work with you.

Don’t Just Take Ric’s Word For It:


Please introduce yourself by filling out your details below. Feel free to tell me a little bit about yourself and what you hope to achieve from my mentorship programme. I look forward to hearing from you.