I have a straight talking, no nonsense approach and this has proved extremely popular with a variety of organisations from corporate companies to the police force.  Whether it is an annual conference, directors strategy session, sales kick off or team development day, my MAPPS coaching sessions deliver a unique insight into the world of elite performance, the proven knowledge and tactics to achieve your potential, as well as thought provoking take home messages for each delegate who attends.

Ric Moylan group photo during his police seminar.

Some Of The Topics Covered

Seminar 1 – The Fundamentals Of The MAPPS

An introduction to the key Principles of the Moylan Athletic Performance Principles (MAPPS) coaching programme. These principles have been developed by Ric through years of working with world class performers, as well as endless study and application which has led to Ric coaching more than 5 world champions.

The MAPPS is a proven formula and this seminar will show how when applied the principles will transform your performance in key areas such as your personal life and the relationships in it, your business and ability to increase your profit, dominate your competition, crush potential stress, and assert yourself with power and control in both the boardroom, and your athletic performance capabilities.  Lastly you will learn why when applied, the MAPPS principles are crucial to the way you act on a day to day basis, and most importantly the way you think.

Ric Moylan speaking during a seminar

Seminar 2 – Self Mastery

What do some of the worlds best performers do to become winners in their chosen field. Is their success a talent they are born with or have learned?  This MAPPS seminar breaks down the definition of self mastery, what it is, why it is so important to all aspects of your life, and what is required to achieve it. During this seminar Ric teaches why the language you use is crucial to both your thoughts and actions, as well as the importance of your emotions and how to recognise them. Ricexplores the role that nutrition and physical performance play in self mastery and your overall performance jigsaw, and why it is crucial to become a student of your game.

Lastly Ric talks you through the crucial strategic that are needed to elevate all areas of your performance to previously unthinkable levels.

Seminar 3 – Developing Resilience To Win

How can world class performers recover from defeat or serious injury and rather than avoid these situations, face them head on before achieving champion status?  This seminar explains the role of resilience in high achievement and what it takes to develop unbreakable resilience. Ric also introduces what he has termed ‘the deadline mindset’ (#deadlinemindset).

Each and every one of you has a deadline mindset. But most of you either aren’t aware, or do not know how to access it. You have all worked hour after hour when that exam was looming, or that piece of work needed to be submitted to your boss.

What would happen to your performance if you could repeat this level of productivity on a daily basis?

**Please note that keynote speech is tailored to your individual company.

Some Kind Words

At Mi PA we are continually working to create a high performing organisation and Ric was a natural choice to work with to bring the very best out of our team. Ric used a really engaging combination of interactive challenges, stories and questions to get my team thinking about performance and making the IMPOSSIBLE – POSSIBLE. Everyone loved it and you know its a good sign when everyone was talking about it for the next week in the office! I really look forward to working with Ric again and would recommend him to any company looking for an inspirational speaker.

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