The Moylan Athletic Performance Principles program was created using the knowledge I have acquired whilst coaching some of the worlds fittest, strongest and best athletes. Scientific academic study, applied training in martial arts and learning and working alongside successful coaches and mentors have enhanced this knowledge with backgrounds in psychology right the way through to the Special Forces.

I am truly grateful for every single person who takes an interest in the MAPPS Program.

However please allow me to be absolutely clear and honest from the outset.

The MAPPS isn’t a Personal Training programme and I am not a Personal Trainer.

This is not Personal Training.

So I’m 100% clear with you, here are a few things we won’t be doing:

    • I won’t count your press ups.
    • I won’t count your calories.
    • I won’t be writing you a diet plan (that you won’t stick to).
    • I won’t be looking at pictures of your food.
    • I’m 100% not interested in your Macros!
    • I won’t be Personal Training you or doing ‘privates’ etc.
    • I won’t be giving you a discount or a deal.
    • And any other traits associated with the modern “coach”.

If this is what you are looking for then that is absolutely fine and I can refer you to one of the many fantastic personal trainers who are a part of my mentoring programme.

The MAPPS programme is for you if you want:

    • Significantly increased inner confidence and self mastery.
    • To fulfil your potential.
    • To earn more money.
    • To be more productive.
    • To have more energy.
    • To enhance yourself as a leader.
    • To inspire those around you.
    • To take better care, and have more quality time with your partner, kids and family.

Your goals for beginning this programme should be entirely personal and bespoke to you as an individual. The MAPPS will give you the edge in whatever you want to do.

The MAPPS programme is tough and is specifically designed to make you tougher.

Quitters, moaners and time wasters need not apply.

What Happens During The Program?

You will be tested and examined to find out where you are currently situated with your physical and mental health and fitness.

You will then learn the lifestyle techniques, behaviours and habits of an elite performer – including:

    • The way they think and apply themselves.
    • How world class performers make better decisions than we do.
    • The correct ways to train and recover.
    • How to cook and plan your days, weeks and months for optimum results.
    • This will mean working extremely hard and being pushed beyond the limits you have experienced before or maybe could 
ever imagine!
    • To assist with this you will learn when and how to rest, and the significance of optimum recovery.

All of this will develop strength, speed and power both physically and mentally to a degree you never knew you were capable, which will lead to an improved aspects of your performance.

This will create massive increases to your self-esteem, self confidence and to your mental and physical well being.

Most importantly you will increase your results in the areas of your life that matter to you the most.

You are given a scientifically supported research based program.

This will allow you to achieve the results and success you have always wanted to have.

What You Receive With The Program

The MAPPS programme is 4 weeks duration and requires a full personal, professional and financial commitment from the outset.

Upon completion the MAPPS program will give you the following:

    • The mindset of a world class performer.
    • Combat skills for mastery of body and mind.
    • Recovery skills to ‘repeat’ your performance whenever needed.
    • Online training and coaching from one of the UK’s leading coaches who will push you further than you can ever imagine.
    • Nutrition guidance for optimum health and performance.
    • Supplements protocols and guidelines for razor sharp reactions.
    • Faster decision making and brain function.
    • Stress control and keeping calm under pressure.
    • Mindset programming for an optimum performance lifestyle.
    • A copy of the full 150 page MAPPS blueprint that has been used by world class athletes.
    • Lifetime membership to the private MAPPS Facebook community.
    • Q & A sessions with Ric to enhance your performance success.

The Non Negotiable Rules

    • You must commit to the full program.
    • Whilst it is accepted that life occasionally will deliver a curve ball, you must prioritise the programme.
    • You must be open minded and ready to embrace change and progression.
    • It is acceptable to fail; it is not acceptable to fail to try.
    • Excuses, time wasting and moaning will not be tolerated.
    • Payment in full is required.

The MAPPS will produce MASSIVE results, both physically and mentally.

Most importantly the MAPPS programme will deliver results in every area of your life.

If you believe that you are capable of taking your performance to the next level then i just have one last question…

Are you ready for a better future?

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

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